About Us

Do you want a dog that's happier, healthier and better behaved?

Hi, I'm Rob - owner of Captain K9 Pet Services, let me help you!

With over 9 years of experience handling dogs with a variety of personalities, I can help you move in the right direction to having a great furry companion.

My passion whilst working with animals, is to improve the lives of the dogs and people that become a part of my life, and treat them as my own.

I have been lucky enough to play a role in assisting dogs and their owners understand each others wants and needs, leading to a positive change in their family as a whole.

At Captain K9 Pet Services, we can help to:
  • Burn off excess energy with walks & play sessions.
  • Aid with behavioural issues through training.
  • Improve comfort levels through socialisation
Feel free to chat to me anytime, and don't forget to check out our Facebook & Instagram for our daily antics!