Meet the Team



Our awesome team of humans are enthusiastic and passionate about caring for your K9 pal! Facilitating a fun and safe environment for all of the cadets to run and play!



With 10 years of experience in the pet care industry, caring for dogs has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. Improving the bond between owners and their K9 companions through training, socialisation and exercise is a passion that I hold close to my heart.

Prior to beginning Captain K9 Pet services in 2018, I studied Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training through the National Dog Trainers Federation which has provided me with the knowledge base and skill sets to work with dogs from all walks of life.



Steph has been an great asset to the team since coming on board in 2018! Steph is amazing at looking after the owners furry friends, bringing wags to the cadets’ tails and to keeping those paws moving! She is passionate about providing a safe and fun environment for all of the cadets in the K9 Krew.

She is a major part of the development of the cadets in the K9 Krew as they become adjusted to our socialisation groups. Steph loves spending time and working with all of our cadets, though recently she has noticed that a large portion of her clientele are squishy face or bully breeds – which she quietly has a soft spot for!