Scruffy came to us when her family could no longer care for her, with several “unique” behaviours. Specifically sinking her teeth into other dogs. We thought at 7yo she was too old to be retrained so we just worked around it for 3 years. After a discussion at our vet, we were referred to Rob! Three group plays later and the muzzle was no longer needed! The overall change in her anxiety level around other dogs had to be seen to be believed!! We wish we’d met Rob and team sooner.

Scruffy LOVES Rob and Steph. She sits on the chair at the window and when she sees the van arrive she bolts out the doggy door, around the back of the house and is waiting for Rob at the gate! Rob and Steph are true “dog” people and are great with their human clients as well! They go above and beyond to help you with your canine bestie. Whether it’s behavioural issues or just that you are time poor and need your pooch exercised, I 100% recommend Captain K9!!