Hear what the canine cadets think of their time with the team at Captain K9!

5 out of 5 Wags!

Listen up puppers of all shapes and sizes! Be sure to tell your humans that you’re is enlisting for Cadet duties with Captain K9! It is the best and most fun play time ever! I get so excited when I hear the Cadet Van pull up, that I come running straight out and there’s no time to say goodbye to Mumma, because my doggy friends are heres! Captain Rob and Sergeant Steph look after me so well! We learn how to play with the other cadets and have lots and lots of fun together. I’m always so sleepy when I get home from all the running and playing with my friends! I love my Captain K9 fur-mily so much!


2 year old Bull Terrier


Rob has been working with Diesel since he was 6 months old. Diesel was very stubborn and aggressive with other dogs. Diesel is now so well behaved with other dogs and he loves his outings with Rob. He gets so excited as soon as he hears Rob’s van pull into the drive way. Diesel is now 3 years old, we are so pleased with how Rob has trained Diesel.

3 year old German Shepherd


Scruffy came to us when her family could no longer care for her, with several “unique” behaviours, specifically biting other dogs. We thought at 7yo she was too old to be retrained so we just worked around it for 3 years. After a discussion at our vet, we were referred to Rob! Three group plays later and the muzzle was no longer needed! The overall change in her anxiety level around other dogs had to be seen to be believed!! We wish we’d met Rob and team sooner.

Scruffy LOVES Rob and Steph. She sits on the chair at the window and when she sees the van arrive she bolts out the doggy door, around the back of the house and is waiting for Rob at the gate! Rob and Steph are true “dog” people and are great with their human clients as well! They really go above and beyond. Whether it’s behavioural issues or just that you are time poor and need your pooch exercised, I 100% recommend Captain K9!!

12 year old Wire Haired Terrier


The team at Kingston Vet Hospital have been working closely with Rob, Captain K9 since early 2018. Rob is a dog whisperer! Aside from referring clients for general walking/day visits and fun we also refer many clients with problematic dogs for training and assistance. 

Rob has worked closely with many dogs with behavioural issues, ranging from anxiety based behaviours to aggression & destruction. We’ve also used his expertise in clinic on more than one occasion to assist us with particularly difficult or aggressive cases. Rob is honest, trustworthy and loyal to his clientele. He’s relatable and easy-going but also professional.

Many of our staff use the K9 Crew for their own fur babies and we also regularly look after K9 clients for their veterinary needs. It’s a big paws up from us here at KVH! 

Yvonne Anderson – Clinic Coordinator/Nurse CVN


4 year old German Shepherd


Phoenix has had aggression issues with other dogs since 18 months old, and I had just resigned myself to the idea that we would have to keep him away from them. Rob is honestly a dog whisperer! Within 20 minutes of his first session, Phoenix was relaxed, calm and all but ignoring the other dog. Something I didn’t think would be possible! Can’t recommend Rob highly enough!


2 year old Boxer


Rob and Steph are amazing. They provide a wonderfully fulfilling service for all fur babies. My boy comes home after each session so happy and well adjusted. The gorgeous photos show just how loved they are and how much fun they have and I see this first hand at pick up/drop off. The joy from them both radiates through. I have serious job envy. I absolutely highly recommend Captain K9 Pet Services!